What Does ASO Test Mean?

Posted by anna on March 15, 2022 

An ASO test measures the amount of the hemolytic exotoxin ASO in the blood. The number of ASO antibodies in the blood begins to increase about a week after a person is infected with strep throat. These levels remain elevated for several weeks and then decrease. Typically, health care providers do not use ASO titer tests for strep throat because they do not show up immediately. This is ASO test meaning.

The ASO titer test is used to diagnose a streptococcal infection. It can also detect symptoms of scarlet fever, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis. If the titer is persistently elevated, it means that a person has a beta-hemolytic group A Streptococcus infection. Patients with glomerulonephritis and acute rheumatic fever also have elevated levels of ASO titers. This is especially important when a patient has had multiple Strep A infections.

ASO titer tests are used for the diagnosis of post-streptococcal infections. The presence of ASO antibodies in the blood indicates that the person has been infected with a strep infection. If the patient has an ASO titer over 166 Todd units, it is considered a positive result. However, some factors can cause false-positive results, including the use of antibiotics and increased Beta-lipoprotein levels. For these reasons, it is important to follow up with an ASO titer test.

An elevated ASO antibody value suggests that the patient has a post-streptococcal complication. In these cases, a second ASO antibody test may be performed to confirm the diagnosis. This second antibody test may be needed to rule out the presence of a post-streptococal complication. If the ASO titer test is negative, then the person has been infected with a Strep bacteria.

An ASO titer test is required to rule out any underlying conditions. Usually, the patient will be treated with antibiotics to prevent post-streptococcal disease. While there is an ASO titer test, this test does not diagnose strep. An ASO antibody titer is also used to identify the presence of post-streptococcal infections in patients.

The ASO test is ordered when symptoms arise following a strep infection, but many people are exposed to bacteria without showing any signs. It is possible to develop a strep complication even if there are no signs of disease. Fortunately, an ASO titer is a useful indicator of a post-streptococcal complication. If it is positive, it is a good sign.

The ASO titer test is often ordered when the patient has symptoms of post-streptococcal disease. In some cases, the test is only ordered after the symptoms have become apparent. The ASO titer may also be negative if the infection has not been properly treated. If the ASO titer is negative, the patient does not have a post-streptococcal complication.

The ASO test is simple to perform and the results will be available on your doctor's website. If you need a medical diagnosis, you can use a Quest Diagnostics lab to perform an ASO titer. You will be asked to fast for two hours before the ASO titer lab results are reported. If you do not have any symptoms during your strep infection, you may have a positive ASO titer.

An ASO titer test will show whether the antibodies to the anti-strep molecule are present in your blood. The result of this test will be reported as a number and compared with a reference range. ASO titer lab tests do not require fasting. ASO titer laboratory results can be downloaded for free after a few days. The titer results will tell you if a person has a post-streptococcal complication.

An ASO level over 200 IU/ml is considered to be high and is a sign of a strep infection. However, it is important to note that a person's ASO titre is not necessarily a good sign. A negative ASO can mean that a person has a strep infection, but a negative ASO doesn't mean that the infection is present. A positive ASO can be a warning sign of a more serious illness.

An ASOT titer test is a blood test that looks for the presence of anti-streptococcus antibodies. This is a blood test that measures the amount of anti-streptolysin-O in the body. In contrast to a serum titer, an ASOT titer test is merely a measurement of the level of anti-streptolysococcus in the body.

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